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In a world where everyone shouts “faster-faster, more-more and bigger-bigger!" there is a growing need for reflection. AureliZEN offers methods to be alert, yet calm and insightful.



AureliZEN interactive seminars are functional, beautiful and deep experiences of body, conscious mind and deeper self, lived in group - up to 15 participants - and profoundly supervised, towards sustainable human growth in work, life and play.

In the end: functional, beautiful and deep become ONE. Body, conscious mind and deeper self become ONE. Work, life and play become ONE. Knowing and experiencing this brings out each person’s true potential.

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In the AureliZEN interactive seminars we combine East and West, science and depth, rationality and poetry, body and mind in one total experience.

AURELIS is brought as seminars about deep relaxation, communication, motivation, leadership and eventually also spirituality.

Each seminar is a combination of insights and body work to incorporate these insights. The body work consists of slow movements which you can do at your own pace.

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