AureliZEN seminars

There are 5 AureliZEN seminars:

  • Deep Relaxation, a Good Foundation
  • Own Deep motivation
  • Motivation of Others
  • Communication
  • Open Leadership

There is a progression towards leadership. One has to follow the prior seminars before 'Open Leadership'.

Each seminar is a combination of insights and related to this also body work to incorporate these insights literally as well as figuratively. The body work consists of slow movements which you can do at your own pace.

An AureliZEN interactive seminar is an opportunity to reach inside yourself towards a deeper layer. This is special and important for you and for the other participants. The aim is to reach insights and have experiences in an environment of team players, the team of present persons. There is always an invitation to active participation and questioning, especially from the own business experiences and in the light of the team, in depth and respect. The latter are both necessary to give to yourself and to others the freedom to show oneself and to grow into a better and more powerful person.

In the aftermath, there is possibiity for online coaching (not included in pricing).



Price of half-day seminar: € 180 + VAT

You receive a voucher for AurelisOnLine subscription.